Self-watering indoor gardens from Click and Grow — Which smart garden model suits you?

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9 min readOct 27, 2022

Presentation of the company and first impression of each smart garden model.

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An Indoor gardening is not just an indoor gardening. What began tens of thousands of years ago as agriculture purely for subsistence has now become a trendy hobby and fascination.

Smart gardens, vertical indoor gardens, ready-made box gardens and hydroponic planting systems — these are just some of the most popular types of indoor gardens that many people call their own.
Being able to sow and harvest fresh vegetables and fresh herbs in organic quality right in your own home is a luxury many people no longer want to do without.

In this detailed article, I will introduce you to the smart indoor garden models of the company Click and Grow. You will learn if indoor gardens from Click and Grow are suitable for you, the advantages, smart features of each model and much more.

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Click & Grow is a company that develops electronic products intended for growing edible plants indoors.

Click and Grow is a founder-led company established in Estonia in 2009. Based on a NASA report, which deals…



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